Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Home Life is designed to address the issues that affect the well-being of individuals, families, and communities by providing opportunities and resources to meet and address needs through volunteering. This program develops and implements projects that involve:

  • Living a healthy lifestyle
  • Increasing awareness, prevention, research, and treatment of disease
  • Personal development
  • Addressing the troubles of hunger, insufficient housing, and homelessness
  • Prevention or correction financial difficulties

Did you know...

In 1934, GFWC's Division on Public Health creates the Women's Field Army in partnership with the American Society for the Control of Cancer (now the American Cancer Society). Hugely successful, the initiative raises public awareness and funding to promote cancer prevention and early detection.

Areas of Focus

Family Economics

Clothes for the Needy

Food Drives and Feeding the Homeless

Relay for Life

Kimberly Home

Substance Abuse Prevention

Women’s Health

National Organization on Disability


Canine Companions for Independence

Easter Seals

Inside Knowledge - Gynecological Cancer

The Heart Truth Campaign

Home Life

North Pinellas Woman's Club

Together, we can serve humanity.