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Civic and social responsibilities are key components in our lives.

Did You Know...

In 1919, under the direction of the YMCA, GFWC created the Overseas Service Unit and sent 100 young women to Europe to assist wounded soldiers in the aftermath of World War I.

Areas of Focus

Domestic Violence Awareness


Sherriff's Ranch

Bags for the Troops

Fisher House

Search Dog Foundation


Supporting Poll Workers


The Kettering Foundation

Sew Much Comfort

United Service Organizations (USO)

Public Issues is designed to actively connect members with effective projects and activities relating to civic engagement. This program focuses on the following areas:

Public Issues

  • Citizenship

- Educate club members and local communities on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship

- Use resources, including GFWC Resolutions, to increase patriotism, pride in heritage, and active community involvement

- Encourage active involvement in issues that affect the world around you

  • Veterans Affairs

- Educate club members and local communities on needs of military families
- Advocate for legislation that supports active and veteran military personnel and their families
- Support military personnel and veterans returning to community living

  • Emergency Preparedness

- Educate club members and local communities on disaster readiness, recovery, and relief
- Work with law enforcement agencies and first responders to increase public awareness
- Develop community programs and coalitions to address disaster recovery and relief

  • Safety

- Educate club members and local communities on home, road, and Internet safety
- Provide programs, tools, and training
- Create safer homes and communities through awareness

North Pinellas Woman's Club